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Mindoc is a boutique psychiatry practice with patient-centeredness at its heart.

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Mindoc is a boutique psychiatry practice with patient-centeredness at its heart. Originally coined by the American psychologist Carl Rogers, patient-centered practice is rooted in the belief that every human being has the capacity to reach it’s highest potential and that the best way to understand an individual’s behaviour is to view it from the individual’s own eyes.

Mindoc’s adaptation of this philosophy is to put the patient and their experiences first, provide a non-judgemental environment of hope, positivity and belief in the human potential to overcome adversity. Mindoc believes that validation of patient experience is the key to successful treatment outcomes using either medicines or psychotherapy.

However, one must differentiate it from a form of psychotherapy of a similar name which is not provided at this clinic.

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Dr Anjith Divakaran MD FRANZCP

Dr Anjith Divakaran is the director and practitioner of Mindoc. Anjith came to Australia after completing his Doctor of medicine (MD) in psychiatry from the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), India in 2010 and subsequently working as assistant professor affiliated to university of Calicut.

After completing training in Northern hospital (Northwestern Mental Health), Melbourne, Anjith worked with Eastern health, Melbourne as one of the consultant psychiatrists servicing the Monash area until October 2017; before setting up private practice. Anjith is has a strong academic focus as reflected by his published research papers and the Royal college of Psychiatrist’s scientific committee award from 2013.

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