Seeking out the Best Psychiatrist Melbourne




Seeking out the Best Psychiatrist Melbourne

The time we live in allow unprecedented connectivity, which also means some level of transparency. Nonetheless, finding the right professional which matches your needs remains a problem. In a world of consumerism, patients are allowed to rate their medical providers. Cumulative ratings do allow a balanced view about a particular medical doctor but these ratings are not without drawbacks. Psychiatrists often face additional challenges as they deal with people who often have trust issues, which may bias their ratings. Hence we need to know the basics when trying to find the best psychiatrist in Melbourne or elsewhere.

Defining best psychiatrist Melbourne

What determines best from the rest of the psychiatrists in Melbourne?


Psychiatrists are medical practitioners who specialize in the science of psychiatry. The training program is designed and monitored by the Royal College of psychiatrists. Some psychiatrists may have advanced certificates or specialty training such as old age psychiatry or Child and adolescent psychiatry or perinatal psychiatry to name a few. A good guide to choosing based on their training is to look at their degrees and certificates. Eyeballing the short bio of the psychiatrist would give you a good idea on this.


Usually people go with the number of years of experience after qualification. However this can often be misleading, for example some of the Best psychiatrists in Melbourne have many years of experience before being recognized as fellows of the college of psychiatrists. This can be overseas experience or Australian experience as trainees. The best psychiatrists in Melbourne often have years of experience.


Psychiatrists who focus on a particular area of interest such as anxiety, depression or PTSD tend to rapidly improve their expertise in these fields due to the number of patients they see in a particular category. After all, patients are the best teachers! So check for those who practice exclusively in a particular field. Hence exclusivity is a good way to find the best psychiatrist in Melbourne or elsewhere in Australia.


Ultimately the human interaction makes a huge difference to therapeutic outcomes. One should find the right fit with the psychiatrist. There is no easy way to determine this. One way to determine this would be to go through he reviews on the psychiatrist to get an idea about their nature or to go through their bio. Nothing prevents you from changing over from one psychiatrist to another. Ultimately , best psychiatrist Melbourne is determined by the personal satisfaction they offer to their patients.


Psychiatric treatment is slightly different from the rest of medicine as a close therapeutic relationship is part and parcel of it. Transference and counter-transference reactions are a norm and some of the unmet needs may interfere with the process. Don’t forget to check the AHPRA practitioner check to make sure that the psychiatrist is registered without any restrictions on practice. The best psychiatrists Melbourne often have an immaculate track record.

6.Ease of access

The Best psychiatrists in Melbourne are likely to have their books full, especially those who like to do psychotherapy. This may mean waiting lists lasting for months. At Mindoc, we are trying to solve this problem by spacing out appointments in a graded fashion so that everyone gets a chance to get in and get treated when it matters the most. Moreover, we also offer tele-psychiatry appointments for those who are from rural settings or those who cannot physically attend due to other reasons.

7.Reliability of the practice

Best psychiatric treatment experience is not a one-person job. At Mindoc, everyone works together to give you the best experience.  This starts with your interaction with our secretary Elmeera. She has a bachelor in psychology along with years of experience at the clinic ensures an empathic, prompt and reliable response to all your queries. You get transparent information about billing and your out of pocket costs. After your consult, your GP receives a correspondence in under a week. This makes sure that everyone is on the same page all the time. Best psychiatrists in Melbourne require a reliable practice to give you a great experience.

To conclude, The Best psychiatrist Melbourne is unlikely to be an individual but a practice with practitioners committed to your well-being and respond to your needs. Mindoc Psychiatry practice in Glen Waverley, believes in these values and are happy to help. Please contact us on 61490029491 if you need to know more or book online 24×7.