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Measure Your Cognitive Performance to Optimize Brain Health—CBS Health is Now Available at Mindoc as part of their Steps-4-Minds comprehensive wellness program.

At Mindoc, we are committed to cognitive health, which is why we are introducing cognitive performance tests from CBS Health to measure how your brain is doing over time.

Our Steps-4-Minds program include a quick, fun series of tasks that objectively measure your memory, reasoning, verbal ability, and attention—all facets of cognition that are important in your everyday life.

Why Measure Cognition?

We all have a subjective idea of how our brains are doing—some days we feel “off” or have “brain fog,” while other days we feel like we can take on the world. So what makes the difference?

That’s where cognitive assessment & training comes in. By putting a number to these subjective feelings, we can discover what is causing the good days in order to have more of them!

Improved cognitive performance has important effects on your everyday life. Whether you’re remembering where you parked your car, learning a new task at work, or trying to figure out your taxes, your brain health affects nearly every aspect of your life.

CBS Health: An Engaging and Scientifically-Validated Cognitive Assessment Platform

Mindoc uses the CBS Health cognitive assessment platform to measure brain health. Your healthcare practitioner will offer these measures to assess, monitor, and manage core areas of cognition to ensure that your Steps-4-Minds program is on the right track.

The CBS Health tasks have been validated by decades of scientific research, and are proven to measure the most important aspects of cognition. Performance is directly linked with the areas of your brain that are required for each cognitive domain. But more importantly, the tasks are fun, and only take 30-45 minutes to complete. Now, not only will you feel better, but you can objectively track how your brain is responding to Steps-4-Minds program.

Is This an IQ Test?

CBS Health assessments are not an IQ test! Think of it more like a blood pressure cuff for your brain. There’s no judgment, and the goal is progress over time.

Are Cognitive Assessments Relevant to Me?

Cognitive health affects almost every part of your life. If you are visiting Mindoc to treat depression, anxiety, OCD or PTSD, it likely to have cognitive basis and hence its treatment is likely to have a cognitive outcome.

It is worth noting that such tests are not generally considered diagnostic and has no medico-legal validity.

What Do Results Look Like?

A sample CBS Health report is available here. The report is designed to be easy to read and understand. It becomes more valuable with each additional assessment, showing your progress and letting you know when significant changes occur. Your healthcare practitioner will review your report after each assessment in order to measure progress and make adjustments as necessary.

How Do I Get Started?

To get started as part of Steps-4-Minds program, contact us to get a consultation and baseline Cognitive assessment.

Please call us to discuss your needs, referral process and costs involved. We are happy to receive your calls or texts on Mobile:0490029491, Ph:03 85783188 or email