The importance of female psychiatrists in Clinical practice

Although the stereotyped image of a psychiatrist is that of an old man with grey beard, there are  handful of eminent female psychiatrists in Melbourne who are doing exceptional ground-breaking work to improve the practice of psychiatry.

The past generations have witnessed many female psychiatrists face a considerable number of obstacles including that of long work hours, work life balance issues etc. One of the primary reasons why psychiatry is becoming a preferred career choice for women in medicine is that it is one of those rewarding fields in which one can make a difference to other people through care and compassion. When coupled with medical and psychiatric expertise, this means high level of success rates with treatment and associated job satisfaction. The current job structure also offers female psychiatrists with predictable working hours, fewer emergency calls, flexible working schedules and numerous opportunities to interact with colleagues and patients.

In fact, under close observation, it is seen that there is a preferred bias when it comes to selecting a psychiatrist.Women tend to seek more help than men for the same psychological conditions. Some of these women might have experienced trauma from men in their past . They prefer  female psychiatrists as they feel safer with them. Another reason might be the perceived gender biases men may have and the potential for misunderstanding their narrative. finally, men are seen as more authoritarian in didactic situations compared to women. Female psychiatrists tends to specialise in specific areas of women’s mental health such as perinatal health(post-partum depression/blues, post-partum psychosis etc) , eating disorders (anorexia nervosa, Bulimia), body dysmorphopbobic disorder, borderline personality disorder and forensic psychiatry related to women.

People looking for a mother figure often can identify with a female psychiatrist  more so than a male psychiatrist, eventhough, both of them can be equally nurturing. A female psychiatrist may have the upper hand in giving gentlecounselling that puts the patients and the family at ease. Knowing that as woman psychiatrist, they understand the women’s issues of adolescence,  family,  pregnancy and relationships puts female patients at ease. This initiates a great bond of fostering relationships and helps the patient greatly when undergoing continuous therapeutic measures and treatments. Mindoc is one such clinic in Australia that have well trusted female psychiatrists who holds expertise in taking care of the well-being of the patients.

Undertaking female psychiatrist Melbourne services, will maintain integrity in the highest possible manner. A good psychiatrist must figure out the objectivity, ethical and legal issues. The female psychiatrist should also be capable of self-assessing her expectations about the successful treatment of the patient. Mindoc is one such clinical institute who take great care in selecting our team of experts who will tend to the patients. We firmly believe and are working greatly towards securing a holistic advanced treatment centre for emotional problems such as depression and anxiety disorders. Get to know more about us by visiting our website and get the best treatment to improve your mental health.