Online Therapy




We are using the evidence based online therapy platform founded by leading researches in Australia called THIS WAY UP™ ( This program is Funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.

What is format of this therapy?

Online using your device or on site via computers at our clinic.

How can I access it?

You will receive a prescription from your psychiatrist in your email with a welcome message. You can then register and start accessing your prescribed module. Your prescriptions expire 90 days after registration. Due to this, we recommend that you complete lessons 1 and 2 within the first thirty days.

What is the duration of this program?

Three-months. This intensive guided CBT programs provide you with a structured learning plan and downloadable material to help you stay well.

Does it work?

Research shows that online CBT programs can be just as effective as face-to-face CBT, whilst being quicker to access and more convenient than face-to-face treatments. They have had a success rate of up to 80%, which is encouraging.

What can my psychiatrist do to help?

Online self-help is convenient, but it is best used under guidance by a qualified professional. They can monitor your progress and tailor it to your needs. Psychiatrists at Mindoc will be able to provide the required guidance and support that you might need as you go through this program.

Why is it a part of the Steps-4-Minds program?

Anti-depressant medications are generally used for symptom control. Once improvement occurs, these gains should be consolidated using CBT and cognitive training.

Anxiety and depression may be seen analogous to sprained ankle. The first step is to reduce pain and restrict mobility so that the healing occurs, the next step is to get the functionality back, which is through Physiotherapy and exercise. In the same way, we reduce psychological pain and allow healing; followed by exercises to improve and enhance functioning.

What are the costs involved?

You don’t have to make any payments directly or through this way up website for the prescribed courses. These costs are generally absorbed into your weekly consultation fee.

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