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We specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses in adults and elderly. While we have a special focus on Major depression and Anxiety disorders such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) , Phobias and Generalised Anxiety Disorder, our Psychiatrists will also accept individuals who suffer from other mental illnesses.

What Are Psychiatrists

Psychiatrists are qualified medical professionals that specialise in the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of mental illnesses and emotional problems. With both medical and psychiatric training, our psychiatrist is able to diagnose and treat mental illnesses with a variety of different treatment models. Psychiatrist at Mindoc is trained to treat illnesses such as severe anxiety, major depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia among others. The available treatment options are expanding as we constantly incorporate the latest in research into our practice. The treatment options currently available range from those using medicines to totally medication free options such as neuro-stimulation and psychotherapy. Your psychiatrist will assist you in choosing the treatment that is best for you.

Difference Between Psychiatrist And Psychologist

Psychiatrist is often confused with psychologist, who is not a medical doctor but instead specialises in various forms of psychotherapy. Psychologists are not authorised to prescribe medication. Both psychologist and psychiatrists understand the way in which the brain works, emotions, thoughts and feelings. However, a psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specialise in mental health, like a cardiologist is for the health of the heart. Being a doctor allows them to understand the links between brain and behaviour or to rule out medical causes for your condition and to plan a treatment strategy taking your physical co-morbidities and /or potential complex drug interactions into consideration.

When Do I Need A Psychiatrist?

It is important to seek help from a medical professional if you or your relative are experiencing emotional disturbances. You should see or be referred to a psychiatrist when:
You are suffering from ongoing, severe stress, anxiety or depression, Your current treatment is ineffective,Your doctor or psychologist recommends it,You have more than one diagnosis,You have co-morbid medical or neurological illness, You wish to change or cease your psychiatric medication, You want a second opinion on diagnosis or suitability of treatment or You are experiencing complex side effects.


Children and adolescents or those with substance use as the only presenting problem.

Refer a Patient

We have capacity to respond promptly to new referrals. The letter of referral should state whether it is for an opinion and report or ongoing management.

A mental health Treatment plan is not required for referral to psychiatrists, but please discuss your reasons for referral with the patient.

Refer Now

Referrals are best made electronically using Mindoc’s healthlink secure messaging EDI-MINDOCAD.
Alternatively use our fax number 03 8579 6897.

For item 291 please state that the referral is for an opinion and report. The assessment may require more than one appointment. Mindoc will provide you, the referring GP with a detailed written report within 2 weeks of the final appointment, with diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

A patient is only eligible for one Medicare rebate on the opinion and report in a 12-month period, but there is a rebate for a review under MBS item 293, if patients circumstances changes or new symptoms emerge.
A psychiatry review might also be sought if a patient is not improving with 6 months of psychology sessions.

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