Schizophrenia Treatment for Glen Waverley & Melbourne Patients

What is Schizophrenia?

Treatment of schizophrenia using anti-psychotics are offered by many psychiatrists in Melbourne . However, treatment seeking is often delayed due to lack of awareness about it in the community. Schizophrenia is a mental illness that affects how the brain works. It usually manifests as thoughts or experiences that are out of keeping with reality. As a result, individuals are likely to develop strange experiences such as hallucinations and form very strange beliefs, called delusions. Since this is usually associated with an altered perception of reality, some individuals may not understand the abnormal nature of these experiences. This lack of insight is sometimes compared to Anosognosia which is seen in some neurological conditions . The exact cause of Schizophrenia disorder is not known. However, a combination of genetics, environment and altered brain chemistry or structure may play a role. It affects 1 in every 500 Australians. It must be noted that  “hearing voices” is sometimes seen in the normal population whereas Schizophrenia represents a more global  abnormality of the brain, which involves an individuals thinking, perception, speech and behaviour. More often than not there will be striking change in the individuals functioning at home and at work. These individuals may find it hard to recognise this change but  near and dear ones may detect it  first. Often there is a delay in help seeking which can eventually lead to less than satisfactory treatment outcomes.  Your psychiatrist may help you with its diagnosis and treatment with anti-psychotics, so that you can lead a healthy life.

Getting treatment for Schizophrenia

Mindoc is a patient-centered psychiatry practice based in Glen Waverley, Melbourne. Our experienced psychiatrists based in Melbourne provide anti-psychotic treatment for adults with schizophrenia  from eastern suburbs of  Melbourne and other nearby areas. Want to learn more about our values, philosophy, and dedication to mental health? Contact us today.